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Russ Abdrakhmanov

President & CEO, NEKEY

Russ is deeply passionate about making a positive difference in the world, and he has found his calling through the realm of technology. Whether it's helping businesses thrive through digital transformation, creating empowering environments for individuals, ensuring cloud security, or contributing to the conservation of the oceans, Russ is dedicated to integrity, innovation, and tangible results.

With a background in physics, economics, and computer science, combined with a hacker's mindset, he excels as a perpetual coder and efficient optimizer. Russ has worn many hats, from design, marketing, and architecture to automotive and construction, and he has had the privilege of contributing to the growth and improvement of various teams and businesses.

He firmly believes in thinking outside the box and approaching challenges like a hacker, whether it's designing solutions, building effective teams, or adopting new habits. Russ is always seeking opportunities for growth and transformation.

Currently holding a leadership position at neKey, a unique managed technology services provider in Greater Philadelphia, he is excited to share his experiences and insights with attendees at Synergis University. Together, Russ aims to embark on a journey of exploration and transformation, collaborating with others to shape a better future.

Autodesk Certifications

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Russ Abdrakhmanov
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