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Russ Abdrakhmanov

President & CEO, NEKEY

Russ is extremely passionate about one thing - making this world a better place. For him, it just happens to be through technology. Whether it is helping businesses thrive with digital transformation, creating rewarding and challenging environments for individuals, securing the cloud, or saving the planet one cetacean at a time - he is always committed to integrity, innovation, and results.

A hacker at heart, radio astronomer and economists by education, perpetual coder and efficient optimizer at work, Russ might be too many things - but in all of them, he is passionate about the people, leadership, and culture.

"By the bootstraps" could literally be Russ's middle name, as he moved to the United States at the age of 20, leaving behind his Master's degree at a radio telescope in Bonn in favor of working three jobs and pursuing that elusive American dream.

Current a leader of neKey, a unique managed technology services provider in the Greater Philadelphia area, Russ has been part of many teams and businesses - from design, marketing, and architecture, to automotive and construction, helping each of them grow and become better.

Russ always says "think like a hacker" - outside the box, whether designing a solution, getting into a new habit, or building an efficient team or business process. Meet him on the slopes in the winter, diving in the ocean or hiking national parks in the summer, or racing a triathlon anywhere in between.

Autodesk Certifications

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Russ Abdrakhmanov
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