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Kevin Spear, P.E.

Synergis Applications Consultant

Kevin Spear is a design engineer, trainer, and registered Professional Engineer with more than 30 years of experience. In his past, Kevin has experience in analyzing site conditions to solve development concerns and goals. He has also provided land development application review and was instrumental in creating a permit database for a county-wide GIS system detailing parcel permit history, types of permits received, and other pertinent attributes.

At Synergis, Kevin serves our Architecture, Engineering, and Construction customers as an Application Consultant. In this role, Kevin has helped organizations to adopt software workflows through custom training and consulting services. He also works with customers to streamline data coordination between site and civil departments. Kevin is also an FAA-certified drone pilot and regularly uses laser scanning data collection to help customers generate highly accurate point clouds of site data.

Autodesk Certifications

Certified Instructor, Civil 3D Professional, AutoCAD Professional

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Kevin Spear, P.E.
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