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SU 2022 Design Contest Submissions Are Here!

Synergis University 2022 has several sessions geared toward teachers to help them adopt Autodesk Fusion 360 in their curriculums, so we wanted to provide an opportunity for their students to get involved too!

Synergis University 2022 will be host to the first ever Synergis University Student Design Contest! Open to secondary and vocational students, the Synergis University Student Design Contest tasked groups of up to four students with designing the most creative weapon for use on a robotic “battle-bot.”

Each team was given the same base model and specific design requirements and constraints to work through and were asked to attach their weapon/implement to the model after creating it completely using Autodesk Fusion 360. Design submissions will be judged by a panel of Synergis Applications Consultants, educators, Synergis partners and Autodesk Personnel based on creativity, innovative use of engineering principles, and overall design and function of the weapon.

The winning team will be invited to present their design to educators, industry professionals, and peers attending the Fusion 360 for Education Sessions at Synergis University 2022.

Below are the final designs by our participating teams!

Carbon Career & Technical Institute

“The basis of our design for the Synergis University Design contest is a motor-driven spike sitting atop a pneumatic rising platform. The platform has the ability to raise in level using two supporting legs, and the spike itself is driven by a rotary-to-linear mechanism…we are thankful that we have participated in this project in order to further our knowledge of [Fusion 360] and are anxious to see the other contestants' submissions.”

Marine Academy of Science & Technology

“In the given design, you will find two arms working simultaneously that have sliding clamps to grab the other bot/object… Additionally, you may see a big tank-like feature along with a top-like feature turned to its side.

The tank's purpose is to collect any liquid or slimey material from the top which then travels through the tube, gaining propulsion, and finally gets shot out from the top-like feature…The ultimate goal of this specific feature is to temporarily paralyze the opposing bot/object by spraying a liquid or slime into their machinery.”

Ridge Battle Bot Design Team (Ridge High School)

“Our design focuses on the center primary attacking weapon; a tri-hook rotating hammer with a ramp in front to get some leverage under the car adding to the blow. All the car's axles to transfer motion are connected to bearings to create a more realistic and elaborate design. The front end of the battle-bot uses a geometric triangular scaffolding that holds the primary weapon in place while keeping weight low and stability at a maximum.”

Wilkes-Barre Area Career & Technical Center

“Our design has been created to lift other battle-bots by forcing the competitor up the ramps to disable the drive and finishing the competitor by the clamping action and holding on with the sharp knife-like blades. The powerful movement to the actuator arm is sure to dismantle any battle-bots in their path.”

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