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New Course Added to SU 2022 Lineup

Announcement - the following course has been added to Synergis University 2022:

This course will feature the Synergis Customer Success Team and also include Jamie Scherer, Autodesk's "Voice of the Customer" back to the Product Insights Team. Customer Success is a vital initiative of both Synergis & Autodesk. This session will introduce you to the Customer Success team at Synergis. An overview of the capabilities of our team and the assistance they can provide will also be highlighted.

Then turn your attention to Jamie Scherer and hear directly form Autodesk regarding Product Insights. In this portion of the class, attendees are invited to share all of their product feedback, concerns, and suggestions with Autodesk.

The session will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to hear directly from Autodesk while also having the opportunity to share directly with Autodesk. Attendees are encouraged to actively participate in this session in order to provide real and meaningful feedback.

Seats are filling up fast - so don't delay in registering for SU 2022!

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