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It's All About the Learning Opportunities at SU

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

One of the things that will remain a constant at SU 2022 is that the day will be packed full of useful knowledge, tips, tricks, and most importantly, new ways of thinking about your product or engineering data.

The real benefit to an event such as Synergis University is all the new ways of thinking and problem solving that you will walk away with from the event. From how to work and design more efficiently using Autodesk software to ways to add customized functionality and automation to your workflows, you will leave the event with an "a ha!" moment and a new way to work through your projects.

Another benefit to Synergis University is, as Lara Deines puts it, that "it's better to talk to a human than to Google your way to success". From the Synergis technical team and data solutions experts to Autodesk leaders and product development members, to your own peers presenting at SU 2022, we guarantee you will learn something new and find more efficient ways of getting your job done.

For 2022, we will be putting a special focus on how you can leverage more of the Autodesk tools (that you already have) while putting more focus on how you create, use, and manage your engineering and product data. New and more efficient ways of working and collaborating enable better productivity and faster completion times. Our sessions will show you how organizations are adapting to more competitive marketplaces and turning to workflow efficiencies to win more business.

Stay tuned as we get closer to the event to learn more about the specific sessions that will be offered. And if you want to brainstorm with us sooner, email us at

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