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Visual Storytelling: Rendering in Autodesk Fusion 360


2:00pm - 3:00pm

Room Name

Foundry D

About the Course

This session is for product designers and engineers using Fusion 360 who want to learn something fun and new to further improve their efficiency in the software and better communicate their designs to their audiences and stakeholders. This is also a great session for Inventor users interested in learning more about Fusion 360 and its capabilities.

Challenges we’ll address:

  • Communicating realistic details about your final design

  • Utilizing Fusion 360’s tools and functionalities to it’s full potential for product design

Session Outcomes:

  • Clearly communicate design intent to audiences and stakeholders

  • Ensure your design’s functionality, appearance, and scale translates to the real-world

  • Improve your skills and productivity in the Fusion 360 software

Rendering is a key tool for visualizing and communicating design intent to different audiences and stakeholders. A good rendering provides a window into how designers and engineers envision their designs to exist in the real world.

This session will teach you how to show details about the functionality, appearance, scale, and potential value of your design using the Autodesk Fusion 360 Rendering environment and included tools, like appearance, scene settings, decals, and more.

You’ll go beyond the basic drawing and modeling tools of Fusion 360 and learn how to create a compelling story with composition, materials, lighting, and environmental effects.

Key Topics:

  • Adding materials & appearances to give your designs a lifelike feel

  • Placing your designs in a realistic environment

  • Manipulating lighting styles to give your design the effect of a real-world setting


Manufacturing & Design

Session Tags:

Product Design, Manufacturing, 3D, CAD/CAM

Your Instructor

David Taylor

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

David Taylor
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