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The Mission of CAD/BIM - Improving Your Processes


9:25am - 10:25am

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Foundry B/C

About the Course

This session is for CAD Managers, BIM Managers, power users, IT, or anyone who plays a part in the implementation of their company’s CAD tools, who want to learn how to make the most of their investment by thinking critically about their tools for maximum benefit.

Join this session if you want to:

  • Guarantee the success of your company by utilizing your software investments to their maximum benefit

  • Learn how to plan, improvise, and implement different CAD/BIM tools to align with your company mission

  • Use your CAD/BIM tools to unify all parties and make your Mission successful

  • Learn different ways of thinking when it comes to implementing, and utilizing, your investment in CAD/BIM tools

Do CAD/BIM tools guarantee your company will be successful, or is there more to it than just investing in those tools?

In this session, you will explore the assertion that just because you buy CAD tools, doesn’t guarantee your success; you must think critically about how to use those tools to gain maximum benefit. You’ll understand how and why the companies that get the most from their investment are those that truly think about their Design Mission and define clear processes to make that Mission happen.

Learn how using your CAD/BIM tools to their best effect is all about planning, improvising, and implementation. This session will demonstrate how everyone involved – CAD Managers, Power Users, Senior Management, IT, and Project Managers – contribute to Mission success, and how CAD/BIM tools can unify all parties to make the Mission successful. If you have anything to do with the CAD/BIM tools used at your organization, you’ll come away from this session with a different mode of thinking about those tools and how to play a bigger role in your company’s Mission.

Key Topics:

  • How to define your company’s Design Mission and the processes needed to make it happen

  • How to collaborate with management, users, and IT to ensure success of your Design Mission

  • How to utilize your CAD/BIM tools beyond simple implementation, and think critically about how to use them for maximum benefit


All Industries

Session Tags:

CAD Management, Software Optimization, Workflows

Your Instructor

Robert Green

Robert Green Consulting

Robert Green
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