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The Integration IMPACT: With Rick Carter


2:00pm - 3:00pm

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To meet today’s design challenges, designers and engineers need a more seamless sharing of data and information - and 2022 seems to be the year of technology advancements with integration!

This session will cover the impact that integration has across the entire Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Facilities industry, and point to the inherent challenges of integration and simplified solutions that can enhance the flow of information. We’ll have a practical discussion about tactical implications of integration from Contracts through Facilities Management, and almost everything in between! We’ll also cover software applications and integrations from Revit and Navisworks, to Drones, Photogrammetry, Point-clouds, LiDAR, and more. The key discussions in this session will focus on:

  • The impact of Technical & Industry integrations, and why we should all be invested in the concept, and on eliminating silos

  • Lessons learned and practical strategies to implement a culture of integration

  • Why integration isn’t just a 2022 buzzword, but a practical guide to what the AEC industry has been missing for some time

Join this session to enhance the flow of information across your project and experience the IMPACT of integration!


Engineering & Construction

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Architecture, Engineering, Construction,

Your Instructor

Rick Carter

Warfel Construction

Rick Carter
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