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The CAD Manager's Handbook, by Robert Green


10:35am - 11:35am

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About the Course

Whether you are currently a CAD Manager, or aspire to be one, it always pays to have a firm grasp on the tasks, skills, and expectations that comprise the job. After all, how can you do the job right if you don’t know what it is? We’ll give you the guidance you need to proceed, and succeed, as a CAD Manager!

This session will cover everything you need to know as a working CAD Manager, including:

  • Job economics

  • Software management best practices & managing multiple CAD platforms

  • Interacting with IT & management

  • Use of standards

  • Budgeting

  • The three languages of CAD management

If you are, or are ready to manage multiple CAD systems, support other users, and manage standards all while staying productive, this session is for you!


All Industries

Session Tags:

CAD Management, Software Optimization, Workflows

Your Instructor

Robert Green

Robert Green Consulting

Robert Green
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