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Streamline Your Designs with Inventor Model States


11:45am - 12:45pm

Room Name

Foundry F/G

About the Course

This session is for Autodesk Inventor users who want to improve their proficiency and productivity with the software and learn to maximize their use of the Model States functionality for optimized assembly performance.

Challenges we’ll address:

  • Multiple assemblies, documents, and files for a single design

  • Using the wrong file

  • Parts not being updated as required

Session Outcomes:

  • Conveniently engineer, manage, and manufacture your designs in a single document

  • Streamline your designs & simplify the file structure for multiple configurations

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Model States and improve your efficiency with the Autodesk Inventor Software

Model States in Autodesk Inventor enable you to save configured states of parts and assemblies that can be incorporated into your designs to help optimize assembly performance, reduce the clutter of large numbers of components, and create a model state for manufacturing or FEA analysis.

This session will introduce Model States in both part files and assemblies, and dive into the various tools & functionalities that allow you to conveniently engineer, manage, and manufacture your designs.

You’ll walk through workflows of building iParts, parts, and assemblies with Model States, and learn how to adjust parameters, dimensions, and features to streamline your designs and simplify the file structure.

Key Topics:

  • Model States in Part files

  • Adjusting parameters, dimensions & features between model states

  • Editing Model States through the spreadsheet

  • Model States in Assemblies

  • Converting iPart tables to Model States tables


Manufacturing & Design

Session Tags:

Manufacturing, 3D, CAD/CAM, Product Design

Your Instructor

Rob Windsor

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

Rob Windsor
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