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Staying Safe with Cybersecurity in AEC, Civil & Design


11:45am - 12:45pm

Room Name

Foundry H

About the Course

This session is for anyone interested in keeping their businesses and personal lives protected with good cyber security practices, and seeing how they apply to AEC, Civil, and Design environments.


Challenges We'll Address:


  • Loss of critical files and data due to inadequate backup practices

  • Concerns about ransomware, breaches, and other harmful incidents affecting your business or personal life

  • Lack of understanding about current cybersecurity best practices and how to stay protected

  • Challenges related to cloud security, VPN usage, handling large files and drawings

Session Outcomes:


  • Familiarity with the latest cybersecurity trends and tools applicable to AEC, Civil, and Design industries

  • Strategies to secure your business and future-proof it against cyber threats

  • Knowledge of practical cybersecurity measures to protect your personal data

  • Understanding the implications of cyber insurance on your business

  • Exploration of secure and modern CAD cloud options


What do you need to do to fortify your defenses, protect your valuable data, and embrace a secure digital future in the AEC, Civil, and Design environments?


In this session, you will be immersed in an engaging story as you explore one of the largest and most notable cyber security incidents to date. You’ll gain insights into the unraveling of this incident, understanding the factors that led to the compromise and breach of a major business, and discover how the elements involved in this incident interplayed to consider its implications for your own business environment. You’ll take away practical advice and valuable tips on maintaining personal and business cyber safety, whether you're an employee or an executive seeking to navigate cyber insurance renewals.


You’ll then delve into the realm of best practices for creating a secure CAD cloud environment, by uncovering which products truly deliver results, and learning about other technology tools within the CAD industry that can enhance productivity, compliance, and, most importantly, security. Equip yourself with the knowledge to protect your data, streamline your workflows, and ensure a safe and thriving digital landscape.


Key Topics:

  • Exploring modern cybersecurity tools and techniques for businesses and personal use

  • Practical advice on protecting your personal data and securing your business

  • Strategies for creating a secure CAD cloud environment and utilizing related IT tools


All Industries

Session Tags:

IT, CAD Management, Workflows, Cyber Security

Your Instructor

Russ Abdrakhmanov


Russ Abdrakhmanov
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