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Skunkworks Approach - Rapid Innovation Using CAD Tools


10:35am - 11:35am

Room Name

Foundry B/C

About the Course

This session is for CAD/BIM Managers, power users, IT, or anyone involved in the configuration, management, training, and deployment of the CAD tools at their organization, who want to learn an innovative approach to thinking about their tools for business growth.

Join this session if you want to:

  • Adopt a new mindset and methodology for business growth

  • Build new, innovative solutions with your current CAD tools

  • Gain real-world insight on the Skunkworks approach and how it is utilized in your industry

This session explores the Skunkworks and Proving Ground methodologies for building new solutions quickly, testing them, and rolling them out, and how you can utilize this approach in your own environment.

Using industry analogies in automotive, aircraft, and computer development, you’ll learn how big changes can happen fast if you approach the process with the right mindset, cost justifications, and user psychology.

Throughout this session, you’ll discuss how the Skunkworks approach can be used to permanently change your CAD/BIM environments for innovation, productivity, and business growth. If you’re involved in the configuration, management, training, and deployment of CAD tools at your organization, you’ll gain valuable insight on how to do your job with more efficiency and less stress.

Key Topics:

  • What are the Skunkworks/Proving Ground methodologies?

  • How to build new solutions with your current CAD tools, test them, and roll them out in your own environment

  • How to change your CAD/BIM environment for innovation, productivity & business growth


All Industries

Session Tags:

CAD Management, Software Optimization, Workflows

Your Instructor

Robert Green

Robert Green Consulting

Robert Green
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