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Low-Code/No-Code Solutions for VDC


3:10pm - 4:10pm

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About the Course

Can’t find the perfect software to fit your company’s needs? Don’t have a dedicated development team to code exactly what you want?

No problem! There’s low-code/no-code solutions out there that may be just what you need! These solutions allow you to build a software solution tailored to your company’s requirements without a development team, and still give you a cost-effective solution, fast. This session will review how Victaulic needed a tailored solution for jobsite inspections and manufacturing assembly of catalog items, and what software was used to achieve those solutions. You’ll see how all the different solutions were tied together, and the lessons Victaulic learned with no-code versus coded solutions that have been used over the years, so you can go back and implement similar solutions for your own business.

You’ll hear firsthand experience on how to successfully implement a low-code/no-code software solution for VDC for your company, and after this session, can:

  • Create apps without being a programmer

  • Identify challenges with low/no-code solutions

  • Identify challenges with developing your own solutions

  • Identify software that can solve your company’s unique needs

If you’re ready to create the software your company’s been looking for without coding or programming, join this session and hear firsthand from Victaulic on how it’s successfully done!


Architecture & Engineering

Session Tags:

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, VDC

Your Instructor

Ralph Schoch


Ralph Schoch
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