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Innovation & Technology Discussion with Synergis


2:00pm - 3:00pm

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About the Course

Get your creative juices flowing! This Innovation Roundtable is all about your ideas, and what you want and need from your services to get the most out of the Autodesk software you use.

We’ve spent more than 35 years providing Autodesk software solutions, and in that time have developed new services, training options, and technical support to make that software work for each customer’s unique standards. But we’re always pushing to innovate and do more – and we want your help! In this fun and engaging discussion with our VP of Services, Mark, and our Innovation & Development Strategist, Dave, you’ll explore questions like:

  • What do you really need to make your CAD & Data Management life better?

  • Is there anything missing in your current products, or something more you could get out of them?

  • How can we help? What services can we add to our offerings to better support you?

If you’ve been sitting on some ideas that can make a difference in the way you and those in your industry work, or just want to network with our technical experts and your peers, this is the place to be!


All Industries

Session Tags:

Software Optimization, Workflows, Custom Solutions

Your Instructor

David Taylor

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

David Taylor
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