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I Can Automate That with Autodesk Vault?


2:00pm - 3:00pm

Room Name

Foundry E

About the Course

This session is for designers, engineers, and extended product design & manufacturing teams who want to improve their productivity and eliminate tedious, manual tasks with automation to save more time on designing.

Challenges We'll Address:

  • Too much time spent on unproductive, manual tasks

  • Design workflows are not automated and subject to errors & delays

Session Outcomes:

  • Increase design throughput and save time

  • Minimize production waste & delays

  • Improve work quality and efficiency

As a design engineer, chances are your day is filled with repetitive, manual tasks. From publishing and printing various drawing files for production, notifying others about relevant project changes, or exporting BOMs to ERP, these manual tasks can end up taking up 20% of your time that could be spent on designing.

The good news is you aren’t stuck wasting time; all these tedious, unproductive tasks can be easily automated to increase your productivity and process quality. This session will introduce how you can add automation into your workflows without the need to learn complicated new procedures.

You’ll get an overview of various tasks that can be automated (some you may have never even thought of!) and learn how to implement them into your workflows, including publishing, removing/archiving published files, triggering file publishing, notifying team members of relevant file changes, and more.


Data Management

Session Tags:

Data Management, Automation, Product Lifecycle

Your Instructor

Milt Capsimalis


Milt Capsimalis
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