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Getting the Most from Your Software


9:25am - 10:25am

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About the Course

You pay for modern software tools, CAD managers, IT, hardware, implementation, and training, but do you ever feel like you aren’t getting the productivity you should? Most senior management staff have felt this way at some point, and this session will explore why.

This class will study the roles both senior and CAD managers play in making new tools perform their best and explore the things that impede technology productivity that CAD managers and users often miss. During this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to define what optimal software performance is

  • To make tools perform through motivation, intervention, implementing mission goals, customer interaction, and expectation management

  • That poor user psychology, contractual barriers, and negative peer pressure hinder productivity

  • How Technology Accelerators power software performance

  • How Deming Cycle methods drive continuous improvement in software tool usage

  • Specific roles of both CAD managers and senior management when deploying software tools

Don’t let poor productivity slow your projects down – join this session for the tools you need to get the most from your software!


All Industries

Session Tags:

CAD Management, Software Optimization, Workflows

Your Instructor

Robert Green

Robert Green Consulting

Robert Green
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