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From Point Cloud to Terrain and Beyond


11:45am - 12:45pm

Room Name

Foundry J

About the Course

This session is for Civil Engineers and Architects who want to learn more about utilizing point cloud data to generate topography and BIM objects for high-quality, detailed models. This session will help you understand data-collection techniques but will focus on the workflow after data has already been collected.

Challenges we’ll address

  • Difficulty verifying and understanding existing conditions and as-built assets

  • Working in silos with different software and data between teams

Session Outcomes:

  • Gain more insight into your projects & make better decisions

  • Work with accurate digital models to reduce errors

  • Streamline workflows by integrating all your design tools

Adding drones or laser scanners to your workflow can increase productivity in every phase of your project from surveying, all the way to completion by capturing high-quality, detailed models of real-world assets and existing conditions.

In this session, you will walk through typical workflows that take drone and laser scanner data to generate topography in Civil 3D. You will also learn how ReCap Pro and InfraWorks fit into the workflow to consume and create accurate data from point clouds and communicate with stakeholders.

Key Topics:

  • Evaluating Civil 3D and Infraworks for model creation

  • ReCap Pro user interface & tools

  • Data collection techniques that impact the quality of the source point cloud

  • Classifying point cloud data in Infraworks

  • Extracting Linear Features in Infraworks

  • Creating surfaces in Civil 3D & Infraworks


Architecture & Engineering

Session Tags:

Civil Engineering, Infrastructure, Water & Utilities

Your Instructor

Kevin Spear, P.E.

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

Kevin Spear, P.E.
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