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Design Detailing: Drawing in Fusion 360


2:00pm - 3:00pm

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About the Course

If you need a 2D drawing of your product design, you can easily make drawings from your 3D models in Fusion 360.

When you create a drawing from the Fusion 360 Modeling environment, the system generates a 2D projection of the components you select. You can then document your design using scaled 2D orthographic and isometric views, annotations, and tables to generate PDF & DWG documentation, and aid in your manufacturing workflows.

This session will walk through a demonstration of the Fusion 360 Drawing environment and give you tips & tricks on the tools available to help you create your 2D drawings including:

  • Creating detailed part drawings, including sheet metal parts

  • Creating drawings of assemblies, with exploded views and bills of materials

  • Most importantly - create custom drawing templates to meet your design needs

Join this exciting tips & tricks session if you’re a Fusion 360 user (or an Inventor user who wants to switch things up!) looking to improve your competency with the software and learn new skills!


Manufacturing & Design

Session Tags:

Product Design, Manufacturing, 3D, CAD/CAM

Your Instructor

Jim Swain

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

Jim Swain
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