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Cybersecurity for CAD Managers and AEC Industry


11:45am - 12:45pm

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About the Course

With ransomware and breaches becoming everyday news, cybersecurity is now one of the primary concerns for business owners and managers.

This session packs in a broad range of cybersecurity topics from the business owner’s perspective to in-house CAD manager tips and advice for outsourced, external IT firms. We’ll even show you how to protect your personal accounts and identity! Just a few of the things you’ll learn include:

  • Strategies to fight off ransomware

  • How to protect your business with cyberinsurance

  • Things you should be asking your IT to provide

  • Tips & tricks for securing your CAD environment

  • Latest tools, software, and methodologies

  • Protecting your personal accounts and identity

Whether you’re a CAD Manager who wears the occasional IT hat, a business owner that wants peace of mind when it comes to cyber exposure, or just someone curious about the world of cybersercurity, this session will teach you about different risks and how to mitigate them with efficient strategies and tools that keep your organization safe and secure. Hear great tips & tricks and stories from the world of hackers and IT and see where the latest cybersecurity trends are going.


All Industries

Session Tags:

IT, CAD Management, Workflows, Cyber Security

Your Instructor

Russ Abdrakhmanov


Russ Abdrakhmanov
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