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Customizing Your CAD Tools for Productivity


11:45am - 12:45pm

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About the Course

Are you responsible for training your CAD users? Are you sometimes stymied by enforcing CAD standards? Does management expect your users to be more productive?

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by trying to do it all, strategies for combining customization, standards automation, and enforcement with an in-house productivity emphasis allow you to solve all these problems at the same time!

This session will give you the tools you need to make your job easier with:

  • Efficiency analysis

  • Customized corrective actions & procedures

  • "Low hanging" customization fruit - no programming

  • What to focus on when customizing (it's not as complicated as you think)

  • Understanding when programming is appropriate

  • Strategies for fining new customization projects

  • Training & recursive analysis

You’ll leave with knowledge & strategies to keep making things better! No matter what software you use, you’ll want to join this class to customize your own environment for productivity!


All Industries

Session Tags:

CAD Management, Software Optimization, Workflows

Your Instructor

Robert Green

Robert Green Consulting

Robert Green
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