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Customer Success with Synergis & Autodesk


2:00pm - 3:00pm

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About the Course

Autodesk software – it can be complicated. Are you using the correct tools? Are you working as efficiently as you could be? That’s where the Synergis Customer Success team comes in! This team is dedicated to one thing only – your success with Autodesk.

This session will start with an introduction of the newly created Synergis Customer Success team. Get to meet the team of people responsible for ensuring your success. Hear their experiences and the value that they will bring to your organization.

After meeting the Synergis Customer Success Team, we will then turn to Jamie Scherer, former customer of Synergis and now leader of Autodesk’s Product Insights organization, representing the “Voice of the Customer” back to Autodesk. Hear about Autodesk’s investments and focus on customer success and have an opportunity to speak directly to Autodesk to provide your feedback!

  • Meet the Synergis Customer Success Team and learn about their capabilities

  • Hear from Autodesk Product Insights

  • See what Autodesk is doing to make customers more successful

  • Have an opportunity to provide product feedback directly to Autodesk

Here is your change to provide real feedback directly to both Synergis & Autodesk.


All Industries

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Customer Feedback, Autodesk

Your Instructor

Jamie Scherer


Jamie Scherer
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