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Chat GPT & AI: Never Learn LISP Again!


2:00pm - 3:00pm

Room Name

Foundry B/C

About the Course

This session is for anyone interested in applications of AI and ChatGPT in the AEC and Design Industry in general.


Challenges we’ll address:


  • Everyone is using some form of AI, how do you get on the latest trend for your workflow?

  • Skepticism around whether AI applies to AEC, Civil, and Industrial Design.

  • Unsure what the whole new AI sensation is about

Session Outcomes:


  • Gain familiarity with the recent AI trends

  • Learn practical ChatGPT tips and tricks for design industries

  • Existential uncertainty of AI taking over the world!


AI - the buzzword everyone loves to hate nowadays. AI is everywhere, isn’t it? Everyone is using some form of AI, so how do you get on the latest trend for your workflow?


Join this lively and entertaining session that dives into the world of AI and ChatGPT in the AEC and Design industries to debunk myths, explore real-world applications, and get practical tips and tricks for leveraging ChatGPT and AI tools in your workflow.


Whether you're skeptical about AI's relevance in AEC and Design, or eager to ride the latest trend, this session promises to be engaging, informative, and perhaps even a little existential. Get ready to witness the power of AI and ChatGPT as they streamline your processes, break your code, and propel your productivity to new heights. Leave your skepticism about AI at the door and get ready for an engaging exploration of the possibilities that AI holds for your workflow.


Key Topics:

  • Examples of ChatGPT in the Design Industry

  • Techniques for Prompting ChatGPT and Speeding Up Workflows.

  • AI Tools in the Design and AEC Space.

  • Existential Uncertainty of AI coming for our jobs!


All Industries

Session Tags:

Automation, Software Optimization

Your Instructor

Russ Abdrakhmanov


Russ Abdrakhmanov
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