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C4C3D (Collaboration for Civil 3D)


9:25am - 10:25am

Room Name

Foundry J

About the Course

This session is for engineers using Civil 3D who want to improve the way they collaborate with their team and all project stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Challenges we’ll address:

  • Wasted time sharing designs through emails and attachments

  • Outside collaboration and diverse project teams make communication a challenge

  • Costly misinterpretations and downstream errors

Session Outcomes:

  • Improve performance and information sharing

  • Improve project visibility and deliver projects on time

  • Provide project status transparency to your entire team

With Civil 3D and the Autodesk Construction Cloud, the difficulties of sharing work or recovering previous versions of a corrupted file are a thing of the past! Autodesk Docs provides document management benefits, while BIM Collaborate Pro manages project data and connects teams to improve visibility.

This session will help you revolutionize the way you collaborate with your team and all project stakeholders throughout the entire project lifecycle. By leveraging the power of the Autodesk Construction Cloud with Civil 3D, you’ll learn how to easily, securely, and accurately collaborate across locations and streamline communication on even the most complex projects.

Through workflow demonstrations, you’ll become familiar with how team members located in different offices collaborate, and how project managers provide reviews and markup comments in BIM Collaborate Pro to keep teams on the same page. You’ll also be introduced to the Autodesk Desktop Connector to communicate local changes to the cloud.

Key Topics:

  • How to share Civil 3D data and manage design milestones

  • Get familiar with the markup process in BIM Collaborate Pro

  • Utilizing the Autodesk Desktop Connector

  • Document Management benefits in Autodesk Docs


Architecture & Engineering

Session Tags:

Civil Engineering, Construction, BIM

Your Instructor

Kevin Spear, P.E.

Synergis Engineering Design Solutions

Kevin Spear, P.E.
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