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Building Information Modeling (BIM) Roundtable


9:25am - 10:25am

Room Name

Foundry H

About the Course

This session is for BIM Managers and AEC Industry professionals who are thinking about implementing BIM in their firm, are currently implementing BIM, or have already implemented BIM who want to learn more about the process and share best practices.

Join this session if you want to:

  • Share and discuss ideas and experiences for implementing BIM

  • Network with other AEC industry leaders and professionals

  • Join a fun and engaging conversation with industry experts and learn more about the process of implementing BIM

Are you thinking about implementing BIM? Are you currently implementing BIM? Or have you already? Whatever your experience, and wherever you’re at in the process of implementing BIM, we want to hear about it!

Join this fun and engaging roundtable discussion, led by Jorge Quiroz, CEO of PDBM Consulting and BIM expert, to share all your ideas, experiences, and questions surrounding BIM. We’ll discuss everything from best practices for implementing BIM, to ideas and tips that will help you get started with BIM at your organization.

Network with industry peers and experts, while learning a lot about BIM along the way! No matter your experience or knowledge of BIM, all AEC industry professionals are encouraged to join the discussion.

Key Topics:

  • What will it take to implement BIM in your firm?

  • How was your experience implementing BIM? What hurdles did you face, and what worked well?

  • What would help make implementing BIM an easier process?


Engineering & Construction

Session Tags:

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, BIM

Your Instructor

Jorge Quiroz

PDBM Consulting

Jorge Quiroz
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