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Autodesk Inventor: A Resilient Modeling Strategy


10:35am - 11:35am

Room Name

Foundry F/G

About the Course

This session is for product designers and engineers using Inventor who want to learn a more robust process of developing their models, especially during early concept-development for quick changes that propagate to complex models and assemblies. This session can also be attended by Fusion360 users.

Challenges we’ll address:

  • Massaging or changing concepts for prototyping and production

  • Breaking features or constraints when re-designing or making changes to a model

Session Outcomes:

  • Improve development workflow

  • Improve ease of iteration

  • Reduce quality errors propagating parameters to related parts and assemblies

Even the freshest of Mechanical Designers and Development Engineers realize the pain points of including fillets or chamfers, or dependent features, early in their design process. How often do you spend your days chasing propagated changes because you relocated a hole, changed hardware sizes, or needed to massage a feature to avoid conflicts, only to follow your way down the feature tree of broken features and parameters?

This session will provide you with tools, tips, tricks, and best practices for those who use Inventor to do modeling work. You’ll gain an understanding of the relationship between committed parameters early in a design, how to use them to build the correct work features at the right time, and how to order your features in a manner that reduces the need to make several changes when making a single change.

This session will show you how to best optimize your workflow for quick iterations and changes or updates to your models by deriving solid bodies into a single part file, developing with multi-body solids, utilizing a single sketch for multiple features (when features depend on other features to take shape), minimizing work features, linking parameters into related parts and assemblies, and minimizing assembly constraints.

Key Topics:

  • Parameters use and sensible parameter naming

  • Minimizing Sketch-use (sketch sharing)

  • Minimizing added work features

  • Multibody Solids/ Multibody modeling for cohesive development of custom parts

  • Reordering of features

  • Linking parameters across models

  • Reducing assembly constraints


Manufacturing & Design

Session Tags:

Manufacturing, 3D, CAD/CAM, Product Design

Your Instructor

Joe Oggier

Air Techniques International

Joe Oggier
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