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Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud Overview


9:25am - 10:25am

Room Name

Foundry F/G

About the Course

This session is for all product design and manufacturing professionals interested in hearing directly from Autodesk on product direction and insight into the Fusion Manufacturing Cloud to connect your product development and manufacturing workflows to compete in the future of the industry.

Join this session if you want to:

  • Gain insight into the development and future of the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Cloud

  • Make your company more resilient and successful by optimizing workflows and connecting design & manufacturing in the cloud

  • Hear directly from Autodesk on the future of design & manufacturing

Innovation shows up not only in what you make but how you make it. You need to be connected, end-to-end, throughout the product development process to compete in the future. This is why Autodesk has been investing for years in the manufacturing cloud, Autodesk Fusion.

Join Autodesk Design & Manufacturing Expert, Loren, for this informative session highlighting the Autodesk Fusion Industry Cloud; you’ll learn exactly what the Fusion Manufacturing Cloud is, and how you can utilize it to solve complex manufacturing problems with a full solution that’s easy-to-use and integrate.

You’ll gain insight into the development of the Fusion Manufacturing Cloud and hear from Autodesk directly regarding the growth and development of their cloud solutions. You’ll leave this session with a vision for how you can win today, and in the future, with technological changes that open up new possibilities.

Key Topics:

  • Overview of the Autodesk Fusion Manufacturing Cloud – what is it?

  • How to optimize your product development and manufacturing workflows

  • Shifting to a new era of work and seamless collaboration in the cloud


Manufacturing & Design

Session Tags:

Product Design, Manufacturing, Data Management

Your Instructor

Loren Welch

Autodesk, Inc.

Loren Welch
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